Replacement Parts

AI Systems has been supplying corporate facility departments and dealers with replacement parts & pieces for Westinghouse & Knoll Equity systems for nearly two decades. After our beginnings in the mid 1980's as a refurbisher, we quickly realized how difficult it was to sell refurbished work stations when most of the inventories were either missing critical small parts, or they were damaged beyond repair. As a solution to our own needs we began to manufacture various systems parts such as rigidizers, raceways, raceway covers & boots, post connectors, post screws, top caps, tack board clips, etc. Now, 20 years later, we make enough parts to manufacture a panel 100% brand new.

Many of our replacement parts are "Solution Parts". Our Wes Group & Equity raceway covers are plastic. No dents, no dings, and no painting. Our rigidizers can be used on any series Westinghouse or Equity panel, including the older aluminum frame series. We also manufacture top cap trims for ASD (plastic), ASD+ (flat steel), Wes Group & Equity (aluminum), and T-molding for work surfaces, shelves & flippers.

In addition to all the parts we manufacture, we also stock thousands of misc. panels, shelves, surfaces, parts and pieces, etc., available in "Used" or refurbished condition.