Office Systems

AI Systems offers a variety of choices and ideas a buyer can choose from:

Remanufactured Westinghouse and Knoll Equity Office Systems - A remanufactured workstation is the highest quality level available in the recycled furniture industry. No scratches and dents. Virtually all the visible parts are new (manufactured to meet or exceed original mfg. specifications) and can be manufactured to almost any color request. This is the premier quality available in the recycled industry. The quality is indistinguishable from "factory new". The net price considerably less than factory met "Brand New". Choices of fabrics and laminates are much broader than new.

Refurbished Westinghouse and Knoll Equity Office Systems - Total reconditioning of existing workstations (without replacing original parts) offers an excellent alternative to preowned (which may be in the wrong color) or new (which is usually too expensive). Refurbishing is a complete reconditioning of the original system achieved by repainting of all existing metal and plastic parts and replacement of the original fabric cover.

Pre-Owned Used Inventories - Good condition, used systems in ready-to-install condition. Specifics vary as weekly inventories change.

As-Is Used Inventories - Perfect for the facilities refurbishing shop that wants bottom line value and is aware that repainting and refurbishing is necessary.

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Panel Style Identification

The identifying and differing characteristics of Westinghouse and Knoll Equity panels and their various generations.

Types of Stations

Examples of a variety of different types and uses for our panel office systems.


Secure, private, and moveable modular offices and rooms — complete with walls, doors, windows, optional ceiling, and lighting.

Replacement Parts

A full selection of small parts (rigidizers, top caps, base covers, etc.) or larger individual parts such as: panels, flippers, surfaces, etc.