Originating in the early 1970's, Westinghouse Furniture Systems was a founding pioneer in the open office panel systems environment. Over the past 35 years, extensive research and continuing internal usage have provided Westinghouse with the engineering ideas necessary to evolve the furniture system for peak performance well into the future.

After a few aesthetic modifications in the mid 1990's, and a name change from Westinghouse to Knoll Equity, the system remained a best seller. Equally important to their worldwide customer base — each generation of Westinghouse Furniture and Knoll Equity is compatible with the next. Even components from the earliest Westinghouse generations are still fully functional within the current Knoll Equity system.

By utilizing a small range of panel sizes and components, the system provides a simple and cost effective selection of user-friendly parts & pieces that are easy to design, install, and re-configure in an ever-changing office systems environment.

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