Office Design/Space Planning

How much space does a worker need to be the most efficient and comfortable at their desk during the day? You may be surprised.

It all originates with the design. Planners commonly misjudge how much space is required by employees to do their jobs, especially when converting from hard walled offices to a cubicle environment. Most businesses can't provide a detailed list of all the items needed to build their new workstations. AI Systems will show you numerous options to help you make the right decisions and provide you with a detailed parts required list.

A professional office planner can help you optimize space and productivity when planning a new office layout.

Looking for the right color to complement your office? Use our color viewer to see what fabric and laminate options are best for your needs.

Ergonomic Tips

A recent study on work place design highlighted design changes that workers say increase productivity.

The Number 1 productivity increaser — Reduce Noise. Noise is distracting. Noise and the conversations of other employees cause a loss of concentration, setting the mind off in another direction. The amount of time and lost productivity in the office from distractions in incalculable.

Other improvements from that study that will increase productivity are providing more storage/filing and workspace to employees. A well designed office, regardless of size, will include plenty of both work surface and storage/filing space. The modern cubicle can be quiet with acoustical walls and have plenty of work and storage/filing space if they are designed right.